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Makeup Reviews

Fashion and beauty have evolved a great deal. Today most women prefer “green beauty”, an emerging trend in beauty and fashion world. Ladies around the globe understand why it is important to apply organic makeup over regular makeup.
Green makeups are cosmetics which do not contain substances such as paraben preservatives, binders, synthetics, fillers or emulsifiers. Formulation of such cosmetics includes a mixture of minerals and botanical and are 100% vegan. Some can also be taken as food, for example, RMS Beauty and Bite Beauty which are food grade quality.

Even though there is an emerging trend with ladies shifting from natural makeups to green makeups, there are those who are veterans of natural products and are not changing their mind soon. In fact, some prefer to stick to what they are used to, as some products enter the market with their manufacturers claiming they are 100% organic but over time this changes.

A woman looking for beauty know exactly what brands she will go for just to give her body the best it deserves. I am going to share with you some of the top brands that they love and will always go for to bring out that beauty in them.
1. Younique and all their products. Those who have tried makeups from Younique cosmetics will argue with you how good their products are. They have quite a number of makeups they unleash regularly, but there is this one product which has put them in the spotlight and has got many talking about. “The 3D mascara” ladies with sensitive eyes and skin are going to this item and they no longer react to having the mascaras on. The company is transparent and they are clear about what they use to make their products.
2.Sephora – Another cosmetics company that produces best makeups is the renowned Sephora brand which is based in France. They have amazing mascaras, long-lasting brilliant colors, and a wide range to choose from. They are outstanding for producing the best nail polish and they have brush kits which are very fantastic.
3.Eco Bella products They are regarded as the most natural beauty products. They have a wide range of body care products which you can choose from. Their products are free of water, dyes, preservatives, and gluten meaning they are natural and friendly for the skin.

4.Motives CosmeticsThey produce high-quality makeup and skin care products for those who want to look stunning. Most people go for their products because has the ability to customize their products. One can blend a product from powder and liquid to come up with an awesome makeup. They are friendly and always give out gifts whenever you buy from them.

5.Clinique products.They have been in the market for quite a long period of time and they are a trusted brand. Popular for their working acne removal and anti-aging products, they have never failed their clients. Their items are capable of keeping one’s skin radiant the whole day.
6.Origins.This is another brand which has been on the market for over thirty years now. They are known for producing plant-based ingredient items and hence very natural. Even though they are a bit costly, customers who use their makeups enjoy a long-lasting scent all day long.

7.RMS beauty The brand is created by a celebrity makeup artist Rose-Marrie Swift who understands a lot concerning makeups. Most professionals and artists are into this brand because of their flexibility. They are 100% organic and natural. Another feature that makes them be outstanding is that their products are food quality and that a person can eat them without having any complications.
8.Bobbi brown cosmetics For the veterans of best natural makeups, this brand is best for you. They have a wide range to choose from and their makeups give that natural look. Their lip gloss is amazing and leaves you with a stunning flawless face.

9.ILIA products They walk around the world sourcing ingredients that they use on their items just to make them come up with unique ones in the market. Under control regulations, some of the ingredients they use are made from certified laboratories only, making them one of the companies which are open about the ingredients they use. Most people love this brand because one knows the real exact content of ingredients used.