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Importance of Great Looking Website:

Checklist for Good Content

We all know the importance of having a great looking website. Working with a quality web design agency in New Orleans is a prized investment that will bring hordes of benefits including:

  • Consistent brand identity
  • More visitors who stay for long on your website
  • More customers
  • Distinction from competitors
  • Polished details
  • Less spending on advertising
  • Better customer relationship
  • Ability to interact with your customers
  • Easy to update

However, for your website to perform all these roles, it must have a very vital feature of; good content.

While appealing web design will be appealing to customers, what really keeps them on your site is the content. A great looking website is always accompanied by great content which solves visitors’ problems.

Here is a checklist for good content.

  • Content

Great web content is achieved by ensuring that all rules of writing content re adhered to the letter. Here is how you should formulate your web content.

  • Is my title effective?

Does the title have the muscle to lure a reader to read the rest of the content? Many readers are attracted by the pull-power of the title. Have attractive titles for all your articles.

  • Does my content has an agenda?

Is my content the kind of article you read and then wonder, “What is it all about?” you must have a
thesis for your content. Always answer the following questions before writing your content:
Why am I writing this content?

What do I want my readers to learn?

What is my main agenda?

Do I support my main point in my argument and examples?

  • Call-to-action

Ask yourself, “What do I want the person reading my articles to do?” Do you want your readers to read and leave comments, download a guide, or register? Or would you prefer them to buy a product you are selling? Think of the steps that the readers will follow when taking the action to ensure your call-to-action is successful.

  • Is my content useful?

“Smart marketing is about help, not hype,” goes a saying by a digital marketing and web design agency guru, Jay. Always see to it that every piece of content in your site is helpful to your audience and contributes to attaining your strategic goals.

  • Error-free content

You have come across some typing or spelling errors in some blogs you have published and you wonder,
“How did I miss that?” You might also have seen such errors as wrong information in an article on a site you visited and outright doubted the credibility of that site to offer right information. This too could happen to your site in case you publish unverified info. Besides checking the authenticity of your info, always cross check your spelling, grammar and punctuation before posting.

  • Formatting

After writing your content it is advisable to format it in such a way that will make it appear appealing to your visitors. During formatting, follow the following steps:

  • Make the content visually interesting
  • Break the content into sections with subheadings
  • Include images. You can look for images from sites such as Unsplash or Wikimedia
  • Optimization

Now that you have content and images intact, it’s time to optimize them to make them more effective and functional. Optimize your images by giving them a file name which says that the image is, and the ALT name which describes the image. This will help your images to appear in SEO with ease. Include internal and external links to guide your reader to more content within and without your site.

  • Final Steps

Preview your content to ensure it bears all these guidelines. Ensure that the content is in line with your goals and that it is well formatted. When publishing, you can schedule your post by setting time and day to publish it. This is mostly done when you want your post to achieve a set goal. Finally, have a plan of what to do after you press the “Publish” button so that you can pull as many eyes to the content as possible. A promotional plan is always a good accompaniment to a post.